Rush Limbaugh Dropped From Ram's Bid List - Page 4

October 30th, 2009  
John Lydon
Originally Posted by 03USMC
Actually I'm intrested in knowing if this is just about bigotry or if certain people are appaulding this because of Limbaughs politics.
This is a big deal because the people who don't like his political views want it to be. I don't hear anyone attacking Bob Greise for his comment last weekend, so that tells me this isn't as much about bigotry as it is about hate for Rush.
October 30th, 2009  
Originally Posted by 03USMC
Here is the thing. This never went to Owner Vote, Limbaugh was dropped from the invest group he was part of that was trying to buy the Rams, because it was effecting their attempt to buy the Rams.

Two Points;

Why anyone would want the Rams is beyond me. You would probably be better off sponsering a Pop Warner team. You'd get better quality of play and probably bigger crowds.

Both sides are giving Limbaugh what he wants with this. He's an attention ***** and hes lovin every damn day this goes on.
True. But the owners do get a say of who gets to joins their exclusive cabal. The investor group did the owners a giant favor. Those owners that went on the record didnt sound very happy he was involved.

Why would someone want the RAMS: Massive Ego. Which fits Rush Limbaugh completely. Personally I think Rush would be better off sponsoring a mini-league team (the 6-8 year old clubs) as they actually know more about football than he does. They can explain it to him and they can at his level so he doesnt get confused.

And Yes Rush is certain enjoying the infamy. In his business, bad press is better than no press.

John Lydon

Its not that hes politically consevative John (thats what he'd like you to believe) its because he's offensive, something he does not accidentally but deliberately. He makes millions by being the nastiest jerk on radio. The point is this, if the dittoheads want to listen to Rush let them do so on his radio show. Nobody should be forced to listen to him in the NFL. This is not Mother Teresa we are talking about.
October 31st, 2009  
The Other Guy
Originally Posted by the_13th_redneck
Are you kidding?
Saying a gay slur could have gotten me deported as far back as 2000. One of the gay roommates used that one to death. He could go off saying all kinds of racist stuff since I was a non citizen but if I said a word about his sexual orientatoin, he could take that to the authorities and that could start my deportation proceedings.
These guys are a lot more protected than you think.
Well then all we have to do is get Limbaugh to become a Korean citizen, and all problems are solved.

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