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September 17th, 2004   #1

Royal Canadian Army Cadets Motto info

Royal Canadian Army Cadets Motto

(As the Maple, So the Sapling)

Corporal Nathan (Nate) Clarke
2 Section 2/IC
2136 C-Scot-R (Princess Mary's)
September 17th, 2004   #2

I'll add it to the site the next time I update it.
November 7th, 2004   #3
Wait... is that father like son or something?
January 14th, 2005   #4
Canadian Sergeant
It can also be translated to that,
I have one for the Royal Canadian Air Cadet Squadrons:
To Learn To Serve To Advance
Another one that I learned in Gimili (when on my Glider Schol and ITAC Schol)
Caelis Taciitis Conjiciuntur
(No Idea what it means, Still have the ITAC and Glider Hoodies I got there though)

If flight were to be disallowed, I would die
Charlotte W.

Cheif of Spec. Ops

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