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August 3rd, 2009   #21
So you can enlist as 0300 but you can't enlist as 0311? Because I just don't wanna be assigned to be like a mortorman, or a TOW gunner, or antitank missileman or assaultman. Now Riverine Assault Craft doesn't sound bad but how many 03xx MOS's are there like 10?

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August 3rd, 2009   #22
14 MOS now......but alot have always exsisted as B-MOS's and have now been added as 03 instead of remaining in the old 80 series of designator.

Rigid Raider, Riverine, Recon Parachute, Recon Diver, Recon Parachute & Diver, Combat Rubber Craft, Scout Sniper all used to exsist in the 85 field.

80 field was an additional skill identifier in addition to your primary MOS commonly called a B MOS

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August 3rd, 2009   #23
Isn't it true that at ITB, you can write sort of a "wish list" of your MOS's that you'd like. So maybe I can punch in 1.) 0311, 2.) 0331, 3.) 0300 something like that? Just be sure, MOS 0331 carry M249 SAWs right?
August 3rd, 2009   #24
Yeah you can put in a wish list, but you'll already be a 0300 when you get to ITB. 31's do carry 249's but at times when 31's are in short supply 11's have been known to hump 249's
August 3rd, 2009   #25
Oh. So if I don't choose any MOS then they'll just put me in an infantry division as I understand it? So number one will be 0311, two will be 0331, and 3 I'll think about. So then when you put in a wish list, what are the odds of them assigning you to something you want in the wish list? Oh. 3 should be 0351 I guess then.

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August 3rd, 2009   #26
No you'll just get an MOS they pick for you. But even with a wish list they will still pick the MOS ..............thats why it's called a dream sheet. You will be 03 that's your guarentee.
August 3rd, 2009   #27
Oh okay. I see so dream sheets are useless so to speak lol?
August 3rd, 2009   #28
A Can of Man
Yeah you can end up with just about anything inside the 03.
August 3rd, 2009   #29
This is freaking me out lol. Can't keep my head on. Well I don't wanna get you started since you already wanna tackle me lol.
August 3rd, 2009   #30
You become what the Corps needs. If they need mortar men or assaultmen thats what you become.

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