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September 30th, 2004   #1

"The Prettiest Girl" info

Does anyone know this cadence? It starts out....

"The prettiest girl

I ever saw

Was sipping Bourbon

Threw a straw"

Blah Blah Blah

Then it ends....

"The wedding was

A formal one

Her daddy brought

A white shot gun..."

Can anyone fill in the missing parts??
September 30th, 2004   #2
I believe it is this one..

(sung to the tune of "a yellow bird")

C: The prettiest girl
F: The prettiest girl
C: I ever saw
F: I ever saw
C: was sipping bourbon
F: was sipping bourbon
C: through a straw
F: Through a straw
C: The prettiest girl
F: The prettiest girl
C: I ever saw
F: I ever saw
F: was sipping bourbon (stomp), through a straw.

I walked right up
I sat right down
I ordered up
another round.

I placed my hand
upon her knee
she said GI
your teasing me.

I placed my hand
upon her thigh
she said GI
that's way too high.

I picked her up
I laid her down
her long blond hair
lay all around.

the wedding was
a formal one
her daddy had
a white shotgun.

and now I've got
a mother-in-law
and 14 kids
who call me pa.
November 12th, 2004   #3
The Morale of
The story is clear
Instead of bourbon.
Stick with beer.

Sgt. Rafael Peralta ,United States Marine Corps
Company A, 1st Bn, 3rd Marine Regt, 3rd Marine Divison

We will never forget your valor and sacrifice.

Semper Fi !
November 13th, 2004   #4

The Prettiest girl info

The prettiest girl
i ever saw
was sippin burbon
through a straw.

I picked her up,
i layed her down,
her long black hair,
layed all around

and now i have,
a mother in law,
and 14 kids,
who call me pa

the moral of,
the story is clear,
instead of bourbon,
stick to beer.
August 29th, 2010   #5
The prettiest girl
I ever saw
Was sippin' bourbon
Through a straw

Her hair was blond
Her eyes were green
The prettiest girl
I ever seen

I walked right up
And sat right down
Then I bought
Another round

I placed my hand
Upon her knee
She said GI
You're teasing me

I placed my hand
Upon her thigh
She said GI
Don't go too high

I picked her up
And placed her down
And soon our clothes
Were all around

The wedding was
A beautiful one
Her father had
A big shotgun

Now I have
A mother in law
And fourteen kids
Who call me Pa

The moral of
The story here
Instead of bourbon
Stick with beer
August 29th, 2010   #6
& I thought that I gave up bourbon because of the headaches - hooray me.

blah, brought, girl, prettiest, white