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Topic about: Nice pics, Venom. I think MG-34 is kinda rare.

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October 28th, 2006  
Venom PL
Polish military equipment (1764-1792).

Polish uniforms (1815-1830)
October 28th, 2006  
Venom PL
Polish military equipment (1900-1921).

Uniforms of the Polish Legions (Polish armed forces created in August of 1914 in Galicia).

Polish uniforms from the Silesian Uprisings

Vickers machine gun (7.7mm).

Next time I will post some WWII uniforms, weapons .etc pictures.
October 28th, 2006  
Nice pics.

I shall return-

General Douglas MacArthur
October 28th, 2006  
Very cool stuff. The Browning pistol was a very popular pistol of that era in Europe.
October 28th, 2006  
Venom PL
Polish military equipment (1939-1945).

From the left: Uniform of the Polish Podhale Rifles - mountain infantry and General of a brigade uniform.

Polish wz.36 anti-tank gun (Swedish Bofors 37mm produced in Poland on licence).

75mm Schneider Field Gun

Different types of rifles used by Polish Army during the war eg:
Mauser 7.92mm wz.98 (made in Poland), Lee-Enfield 7.69mm, Mosin 7,62mm.

In the background Ckm wz.30 (Polish-made clone of the American Browning M1917 heavy machine gun) and 7.92mm light machine gun wz.15 (Polish version of French Chauchat).

Artilleryman unifrom
October 28th, 2006  
Venom PL

German "Enigma" machine Type M4 (used by kriegsmarine).

"Enigma" machine Type M4 (kriegsmarine) and commercial Enigma.

Polish wz.35 (7.92mm) anti-tank rifle

Polish ORP Grom (Thunder) destroyer model

In the background Ckm wz.30 (Polish-made clone of the American Browning M1917 heavy machine gun) and Maxim wz. 08 machine gun.

Polish helmets and other gear

Equipment taken of from Polish destroyer ORP “Piorun” (Thunderbolt).

On 13th-15th March 1941, Piorun took part in the defence of Clydebank against Luftwaffe air raids, as he happened to be undergoing repairs in John Brown's shipyard. Many people remembered that he put up a terrific barrage on the first night, which may have caused the shipyard to get off comparatively lightly. A memorial to the crew of the ship was later erected in Clydebank.
In May 1941 he was escorting convoy WS-8B, along with four Royal Navy destroyers, when they were ordered to leave the convoy to take part in the pursuit of the German battleship Bismarck. Piorun took part, along with the British destroyers, in the shadowing of and torpedo attacks on the Bismarck the night before she was sunk, and at one point Piorun had an exchange of fire for half an hour. According to one report Plawski (captain) transmitted the message "I am a Pole" before commencing fire on the Bismarck. Piorun was very low on fuel, so he was ordered home before the Bismarck was sunk.

Bren light machine gun (7.69mm) and Boys .55mm anti-tank rifle

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October 29th, 2006  
Venom PL
This is the last par of my photos from Polish Military Museum. I hope you enjoyed watching them.

Polish equipment in North Africa 1941-1942 (on the left) and in the USSR (on the right). We may see: Thompson M1928M1 (11,43mm) machine gun.

Polish equipment during the fights in Italy (1943-1945).

Polish Armed Forces in the USSR. From the left we may see: PPSh-41 Submachine gun, TT-33 (7,62mm) pistol, DP (7,52mm) light machine gun, Mosin 7,62mm and SVT40 semi-automatic rifle.

From the left: Vickers Mk.I machine gun, Browning M1919A4 machine gun, German Panzerfaust 100, British PIAT, The Ordnance SBML 2-inch Mortar and MG-42 machine gun.

German Panzerfaust 100 anti-tank weapon

German MG-42 machine gun

German MP-40 submachine gun

German Goliath tracked mine
October 29th, 2006  
Venom PL

German MG-34 machine gun

British PIAT anti-tank weapon

German MG-42 machine gun and model 24 hand grenades.

Polish insurgents (Home Army) uniforms.

Polish insurgents (Home Army) uniforms. On the right we may see Polish made "Błyskawica" submachine gun.

The Błyskawica was a submachine gun produced by the Armia Krajowa, or Home Army, a Polish resistance movement fighting the Germans in occupied Poland. A successful construction, it was most probably the only weapon designed and mass produced covertly in occupied Europe.

German MP-40 submachine gun and French MAS-38 submachine gun
October 29th, 2006  
Venom PL

Polish insurgent uniform and PPSh-41 submachine gun

Sten Mk.II submachine gun

MG-42 and remains of other MG's

From the top: Polish VIS wz.35 (9mm) pistol, American Colt M1911 (11,43mm) and Spanish Star (9mm).

Different types of Polish “Błyskawica” submachine guns

Polish banner - words in the middle means (Bóg, Honor, Ojczyzna) - God, Honor, Fatherland.

"Poland First To Fight" poster
October 29th, 2006  
Originally Posted by Venom PL

Different types of rifles used by Polish Army during the war eg:
Mauser 7.92mm wz.98 (made in Poland), Lee-Enfield 7.69mm, Mosin 7,62mm.
The Mosin Nagant used by the Polish Army before WWII has the one shown in this photo was modified to take a blade bayonet and also it was rechambered into the 7.92x57mm round. Which was the standard militray of the Polish Armed fores at the time. The Lee-Enfield fires a 7.62 caliber round. Which it's proper name is the .303 British. The only 7.62X54R Mosin Nagants that Poland used was when it's troops were fighting in the Soviet red Army and the only 7.62X54R Mosin Nagant produced was after the war when Poland fell under Soviet Control. The Soviets gave Poland the tooling to make M44 Mosin Nagant Carbines.

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