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August 25th, 2008   #1

Peru getting 19 Mig-29's upgraded info

I found this article about Peru getting 19 of their Mig-29S/SE Fulcrums upgraded. A poster from another forum said Peru signed a contract on this and said it was 100% a sure thing. He thinks the first aircraft will roll out 14 to 18 months from now, but no dates have been announced. I have no idea why it takes so long to produce the first aircraft. I also checked MIG's home page in the news section but didn't see anything listed there, or the Russian normal news page.

* Maybe the Indian Mig-29K are holding things up?

Link to what I found

If anybody know anything else please post it, thanks
August 27th, 2008   #2
I work at a facility that does depot level aircraft work, and yes that time frame is reasonable, it's not like a P-51 where you can crank them out. Every thing is checked and double checked. Parts have to be ordered way a head of time. There is a lot to it.
August 28th, 2008   #3

Production info

Hi Topmaul
I agree it does take longer then making a P-51. Three weeks ago I was just standing in front of a P-47 and a famous B-29 inside DC Air & Space, the new hanger location. Man I could lose my mind in that place they even had a F-35 mock up, don't think it was real. I like Dayton, Ohio more but its a 1,000 miles from where I live, DC area is four hours away.

I always felt MIG was run poorly and always play single fiddle to Sukhoi. Russia had to match the F-15 and Sukhoi came through for them and the rest is history. From that point on MIG changed over to the little guy on the block. The specs for the Mig-29M and/or the MIG-35 look so good yet nothing coming out. At one point there was something like sixteen Mig-29 users would wide can you imagine if like four or five went with the upgrade? Others would follow but that never happened I think French Rafale sales personnel secretly work for MIG now or something. They just can't get it right.

For Peru facing they can't match up with Chile other levels is fact their getting, this is a start. These 19 upgraded Fulcrums slightly offset the 10-Block-52 in a way, I know only slightly. Chile's AF from what I have read about them are good and train a lot plus they got something like 16 or 18 MLU upgraded A & B models to add to the 10 Block-52's. I think there Mirage 5/50 are going into reserves and or deep storage but their F-5 II/III are flying upgraded by the Israeli's so I assume Derby and Python IV, correct me I'm wrong. For Peru this is a good first step but triple the money is needed. Maybe picking up the those un-sold Algerian SMT Fulcrums might be a better route. Tanker support is needed plus AWACS, Chile has one Israeli type built on a old 707. Money, money, money oh and Chile's copper wouldn't hurt China's buying that up like mad.

I looked over Peru's Navy and Army a little but it's the aviation section, if your interest I'll start up another thread in the correct section. Can you see old T-55 vs. Leo I & IIs?

Are you allowed to say what facility depot level you work at?

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October 31st, 2008   #4
The french Rafale is a neat plane... A lot of technology in the little bird...

But it's too damn expensive...

I'm not a strategist, but I think that the MIGs are at least cheap... Poor countries can afford them. It's a good thing to have an airforce.
October 31st, 2008   #5

Mig info

Mig-29s are cheaper then most and have a lot of thrust and can turn well, good for dog fighting. Two vs two and three vs three on turn and fight after a merge and Fulcrums will hold their own on some levels.

I like the Rafale a lot but the back end support and missiles are too costly thus the reason for no sales.
October 31st, 2008   #6
I dont understand, isnt the Rafale using the same weapons as the other planes?

I dont get it... why not?

Isnt the MIG29 the fastest interceptor in the world?

I see aircrafts as platforms... I see the difference between an aircraft and another in the equipement they carry... Lasers to guide missiles, radars, jamming equipment and such...

I dont think that a MIG29 is half bad... it's up to how they will use them. If they have good missiles and good intelligence... They can take out more expensive foes.
October 31st, 2008   #7

weapons info

The Rafale is cleared for ARRAMS but Frances sells the MICA and from what I have been told cost almost three times as much and it has a little less range. So right off the bat your weapons cost more and France tends to be high price on other items as well. France is also late getting a ASEA radar out and the US are already in the second generation, so again a Block-60 or ASEA equipped platform may get off the first shot. Not always but in some situations AWACS does helps a lot. Also the second generation engine for the Rafale isn't produced yet customer want a little more thrust. I love the Mirage 2000 series but it was always under powered. Frances produces their own stand-off weapons and can't compete price wise with JDAM, Pavewave series etc, still good weapons but just cost more.

Isnt the MIG29 the fastest interceptor in the world?
I would say the Mig-31 is pure flat out speed but the Mig-25 might be close or even a bit faster. Both are cold war types and can't turn at high speeds nor fire and targeted their weapons at 2.6 or 2.8 speeds. Just saw that the Mig-25P Foxbat-A can hit Mach 3.2, wow that's fast but to me it was used as a recon platform more then a interceptor.

I to see aircraft as platforms and good training is the key to getting the most out of the platform.

I dont think that a MIG29 is half bad... it's up to how they will use them. If they have good missiles and good intelligence... They can take out more expensive foes.
I agree the Mig-29 can climb faster then a F-15C and I think out turn it to but training and poor equipment hurt the Mig-29 as a platform. Next its information gathering is poor which also hurts it and the missiles aren’t as good. Russia best AA-12/R-77 has a shorter range then the American ARRAM mixed with a poorly laid out cockpit and the pilots work load is overwhelming. Russia is way behind on the ASEA radar issue as well.

I feel that a modern designed Mig-29 like the M or the K series with 250 hours of pilot training and strong maintenance could compete with any of the teen series. The problem is Russia never produce this new and improved model. The closes thing is the India K model ordered almost five years ago and still not delivered, on a 20 aircraft order.

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