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December 29th, 2004   #1

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hi everybody, it would be really cool if we could talk when we are online. So this can be a place where people can chat….. So let me start, i am from Turkey, at University, i am going to be an architect… how are you guys?
December 29th, 2004   #2
If you want to chat, use the Milforum Chatbox (Top righthand corner on the index page.

WO2 Trevor Perry,
Squadron Deputy Commander
746 Lightning Hawk RCACS
December 29th, 2004   #3
I'm in the chat if anyone wants in...

Why must we hate one another? Well no matter what we gotta live together. - Hootie

Semper Fi, Nathan!
December 29th, 2004   #4
rotc boy
well, crazy and me are in, shes away , but we're in

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Can't tell you how many times I've heard thugs robbing convenience stores say to each other, "Fix bayonets!"