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Hello to all the forum members,just found the site and signed up, I'm an avid WW2 military aviation unit emblem design researcher, i collect photos/scans/sketches of flying unit emblems of USAAF/USN/USMC types,I have a fairly large archive of both "Official" and "Unofficial" emblems both in books and other formats, I love air shows of WW2 era type aircraft and museums of the same era,have met many WW2 veterans and collect autographs of famous pilots/crew, also I'm an artist of leather flying unit patches of the WW2 era,I like to help ID patches for anyone who may have a US related tye but not sure what it is ! I want to say thanks here to any and all WW2 veterans of the forum for your service as it is very much appreciated !!!!! looking forward to chatting with anyone interested in WW2 US military aviation emblems/history !!!!
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Welcome aboard.

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Welcome Johnny.

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Welcome aboard

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Cne C
Welcome aboard Johnny
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Team Infidel

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Welcome! info

Welcome aboard, EMBLEMHUNTER.

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December 28th, 2009   #9

Thanks for the welcome aboard !!!!!! info

Hello to all members,and Happy Holidays and upcoming New Year !!!!!

Hope everyones celebrations were Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr eat !!!!! and your New Year will be a safe and prosporus one
This is a great site and I'm looking forward to hearing from anyone how may need emblem ID help of WW era aviation types, all the best to you !
Johnny I salute you all active and retired military !!!!!!!

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