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January 11th, 2005   #1

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Ok Gentlemen I need your help. My marine told me that he wants to do MSG and from what he's telling it doesn't sound that appealing (at least to me). I need to know what you know about it, what you thought about it if you've done it or you had a significant other that has done it, and how that girlfriend of yours dealt with it. I want to hear the good the bad and the ugly do not sugar coat it!

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January 11th, 2005   #2
Marine Security Guards (MSG) are responsible for the Security of the United States Embassies and Consulates thru out the World. They trained at Quantico Virginia and assigned to Security Guard Bn when posted to a particular Embassey/ Consulate they will be assigned to an MSG Detachment That MSG Detachment is assigned to one of the MSG Companies A-H within the MSG Bn. Such as MSG Det Lima Peru, Co. D (Ft Lauderdale Fl.) MSG Bn. Companies are based on Geographic Location and contain all Embassies within that area. MSG Companies are commanded by Lt. Col's and contain the all the Administrative staff for those Detachments.

MSG Detachments are commanded by ethier a Commissioned Officer Or SNCOS (Ssgt, Gysgt, Msgt or Mgyst) depending on the Mission. Detchment Commanders are responsible for the Operational Deployment of the the MSG DET and work with the Mission RSO (Regional Security Officer) to form the Post Security Team.

The size of the Detachment is dictated by many things including Size of mission, security threat etc, no Detachment is smaller than 1 and 5 for a 1 post mission.

MSG Duty is two 15 month tours with some Missions designated 12 month hardship tours. Only Detachment Commanders may be Married while assigned to MSG Duty.

MSG training is conducted at the MSG School and is 6 weeks for Sgt. and below, 8 Weeks for Ssgt and above. It has the highest drop rate of the Marine Corps Schools.

Sgt. Rafael Peralta ,United States Marine Corps
Company A, 1st Bn, 3rd Marine Regt, 3rd Marine Divison

We will never forget your valor and sacrifice.

Semper Fi !
January 12th, 2005   #3
I had a high school buddy do MSG. He loved the duty. He some where in Central American for his first assignment. He said there was nothing like going to the beach with a MP5


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January 12th, 2005   #4
so is this basically embassy duty?? or is it more like security forces? or is it something completely different?

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January 12th, 2005   #5
It's Embassey duty.