mottos from the 63 rd Arcom and 18 cav.reg -

April 30th, 2003  

mottos from the 63 rd Arcom and 18 cav.reg info

63rd ARCOM-->" Blood and Fire"
the crest that a friend gave me has Pride Honor Service on it
I also have a crest from the 18th Cavalry Regiment/ 139th Tank Battalion
that has "Velox Et Mortifer (Swift and Deadly) on it
April 30th, 2003  
Seems that I have forgo to add the motto of the 63rd Infantry Division. (Blood and Fire)
Thanks for reminding me...

And I have done some research: "Velox Et Mortifer (Swift and Deadly)"
is the motto of 18th Cavalry Regiment, not only the 139th Tank Battalion.

thanks for the mottos, I'll add them to the site tonight.
April 30th, 2003  

forgot info

I forgot to add the 40th inf. div.
" Duty,Honor,Courage "
And the 7th inf. div. "the Bayonet division"
I took BCT at Ft. Ord which was the home of the 7th inf. div.