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Read more about If we had another civil war same states north versus south who would win. I dont know what we would be fighting over, but its hypothetical. Who do you think would win the

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November 17th, 2004   #1

Modern Civil War Yankees vs. Rebels info

If we had another civil war same states north versus south who would win. I dont know what we would be fighting over, but its hypothetical. Who do you think would win the Yankees, or the Jonny Rebs.

Im thinking the South because back in the 1800's both sides were both frontiersmen, lumberjacks, and outdoorsy types. Today the south still remains like that (at least in Texas ) "rednecks", but the north is all urbanized, or as some would say "pansies" or "city boys".

I dont know about northern versus southern military strength, but Texas has like 50 percent of all the U.S. military. Whadda you think?

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November 17th, 2004   #2
hahas, we yankees really would own you southerns.. jus tlike in the 1850s

plus, we get the support of california, probaly, and since we are a democratic majority

btw, virginia's ours

The south:

THe yankees: :flamer:

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November 17th, 2004   #3
Well, where has the population boom happened since 1864? Texas, Florida are the big boomers for population in the South. Most of the rest of it has not seen disproportionate gains. On the other hand, very few Northern States have NOT seen incredible growth population growth. Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine are the non-bigtime growers of the North. And then we have California. Because of the addition of Califormia (they were with the Union remember), the whole thing his very disfavorable for the South I'd say. Sure, the South may have a lot of military bases today, the population balance of today has tipped very heavily in favor of the North moreso than the South. The Industrial North is even more Industrial. At the same time, some of the South has seen substantial industrial development too.

More than anything, it would come down to numbers and production. I think the North would completely dominate the South on both.

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November 18th, 2004   #4
We got all the bases, 3 air bases in San Antonio alone, and angry rednecks. Ya'll got superior industry, and people who dont own guns. It would be a close call to say the least. I think California's only threat would be numbers, but still 4 out of 5 southerners have a multiple rifles, scopes, and guns in general. Plus you cant run industry without fuel, and Texas/Gulf of Mexico could supply more than enough fuel for a war machine.

November 18th, 2004   #5
Psh, port authority of new york can handel twice as much as houston can, transporting fuel from the medertaeran.., anyways, the north has most of the us carrier groups: bases in everest, san diego, new york, norfolk.

THe north also has the * brains of the military, namely annepolis naval academy and west point military academy... so u have rednecks charging at us, we will use superior tech and sterategy to own u..

anyways, we've got our backer canada, where we wont go hungry thanks to canadian beef(wheat

hahas, uve got mexico, which is still ecnomically crippled
November 18th, 2004   #6
btw, virginia's ours
The hell it is!

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November 18th, 2004   #7
Are you kidding me, of course the New York port authority can handle more its near the ocean. Houston is in the middle of the hill country. Houston isnt all we have, Florida, and all the other states with ocean front. I dont think it would be that big of a Naval war if it was a civil war.

As far as brains go, is there some kind of state line you cross in the south where you automatically turn dumb. I didnt think so, the south is just as smart as the north except our people have guns, know how to fight, and know how to shoot.

November 18th, 2004   #8
The South also learned a lessn, with the exception of California Texas has the most in service men. The South also has a large percent of the navy and alot of th airfroce. The South also has figured out how to take DC.

and remember. the North needs the South, The South can live with out those Yanks and thier enviroment breaking Industries, The North however needs Orange Juice,Milk and Grains.

Plus if a Cival war happens Wal Mart is bases in Alabama so if a Cival war happens The South has the the worlds strongest coporation.
November 19th, 2004   #9
What would both sides be fighting for?

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November 19th, 2004   #10
No clue, Unless it was Conservitives VS Liberals

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