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September 6th, 2004   #1
Canadian Kodiak

Laser Sniper Rifles?!?!?!? info

I was readin through another topic on the forum (the one about the polish military to be more precise) and while checkin out a link provided I came across info about a LASER SNIPER RIFLE!! Now, I don't follow all these weapon development things very closely, so I may be gettin a big one pulled on me, but can anyone actually verify any of this? Are they real and actually being put into service? I haven't heard anything about them before now so I don't know. The link is[/url]

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September 6th, 2004   #2
Jason Bourne
Well there are certain "societies" shall we say that do possess so called weapons of the future such as laser guns and stuff, now you can all say i am full of shit and ask me to provide you with links and proof, but i won't because there are very few links about these people and even if i did give them to you i would be branded a NUT by the entire forum.


the part in bold was a joke.

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September 6th, 2004   #3
Canadian Kodiak
I got an open mind, gimme a link so i can atleast drule over the future. The new star trek episodes don't start for another few weeks. :P
September 6th, 2004   #4
entering service beginning in the mid-2290s
well we cant really call them a liar until we hit the mid 2290's now can we.
September 6th, 2004   #5
Canadian Kodiak
lol thanx for clearin that up there, guess i missed that. (we canadian's don't hear much...not too many dogsled teams come up from the US or from the russians in alaska and those who do can't ever find my igloo so we are a bit behind on world happenings) :P
September 6th, 2004   #6
lol...... Way to take it with some dignity kodiak.
September 6th, 2004   #7
moved to a more appropriate forum..

Thanks guys, this one really kick started my morning..
September 6th, 2004   #8
Jason Bourne
your morning Redleg, what time is it in Norway now?
September 6th, 2004   #9
Board time +3 hours
September 30th, 2004   #10
A Can of Man
That's nothing! YOu should check out my spanking new BattleMech!

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