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September 2nd, 2004   #1

Inspiring yet sad story info

I know this story is long, but please read it. Please pray for this family. Please. This is a teacher at my mom's schools grandchildren. The pictures were adorable. If interest is shown, I will post the pictures.

Thank you so much.

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September 2nd, 2004   #2
Don't have time to read it now, but I'll check it out later this evening..
September 2nd, 2004   #3
I can definitely say that BMT is an unpleasant experience. Can't immagine going through non-autologous at that age. Hopefully, its a good match and the donated marrow doesn't do to much in the way of attacking the body. I'm curious why they're doing it via marrow instead of via stem cells. Based on the wording, it is stem cells (you don't "inject marrow into the bloodstream" you inject marrow directly into the bone), but they're not saying it that way cuz people automatically assume that the only source of stem cells is dead embryos or some such nonsense. A 3 year old donor. Good thing they do it the stem cell way. In the old days, donating meant surgury and drawing marrow directly from the bones. Now it means having stem cells pull from your blood using a catheter. Must say, having bone marrow drawn from the bone hurts like a ***** and its good that kid won't have to do that.

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September 3rd, 2004   #4
I've been told by my mom that it was bone marrow. Count on our reporters to confuse the hell outta ya. Not sure tho. Haven't heard any news back.