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August 5th, 2009   #1

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A hello from Boston, the heart of Yankeeland. Just wanted to introduce myself and make it known that another Son of The North is around heah. I'm married, 53, a carpenter and the son of a WWII veteran. He never bothered to tell us anything about being in Asia and North Africa, and I do mean nothing at all. But he damned sure lived with it til the day he died and, because of that, so did we. Anybody out there know where I'm coming from? Give a shout.

August 5th, 2009   #2
Welcome aboard.

Not liking me will always be your problem. Never mine.
August 5th, 2009   #3

Welcome! info

Welcome aboard, 1BillsCatz.

"It doesn't take a hero to order men into battle. It takes a hero to be one of those men who goes into battle." - Norman Schwarskopf, Commander of Desert Storm Operations
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MCpl K. Steliga
Flight Advisor
408 Tactical Helicopter Squadron / Military Flight Advisory Unit
CFB Edmonton, Alberta
Royal Canadian Air Force

Per ardua ad astra
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Team Infidel

August 5th, 2009   #6
Cne C
Welcome Bill
August 5th, 2009   #7

Deutschland, Deutschland
über alles
über alles in der Welt
August 10th, 2009   #8
Welcome aboard Bill. Yankeeland huh? I thought you were all Sox fans up there

I hate newspapermen. They come into camp and pick up their camp rumors and print them as facts. I regard them as spies, which in truth, they are.
Gen. W.T. Sherman
August 12th, 2009   #9
Welcome to the forum!

"The willingness with which our young people are likely to serve in any war, no matter how justified, is directly proportional to how they perceive the veterans of earlier wars were treated and appreciated." ~George Washington
August 13th, 2009   #10
Welcome 1BillsCatz. Your Dad seems to follow the pattern of most of the WWII vets. Most never leave any information of their service.

“War is an ugly thing but not the ugliest of things; the decayed and degraded state of moral and patriotic feelings which thinks that nothing is worth war is much worse.”
—John Stuart Mill

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