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Read more about We Dutch had an interesting little problem with the news on Iraq, specifically with anything to do with Al-Kut or Kut. The word "kut" has a meaning in Dutch, it

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Good words meaning bad things
June 2nd, 2004   #1

Good words meaning bad things info

We Dutch had an interesting little problem with the news on Iraq, specifically with anything to do with Al-Kut or Kut.
The word "kut" has a meaning in Dutch, it's a nasty word for a women's private parts. We use it in the same way as English speaking people would use "f*ck".
That made news on war progress in Iraq kind of funny, the newscaster trying to keep a straight face while using that word.
I wonder how that would have been handled in the US. We're allowed to broadcast any word we want, so although it was funny and sometimes awkward for the newscasters, it wasn't a legal problem.
Did any of you ever encounter anything like that? Using a word that means something completely different to someone else?

Edit: when you answer this, please mind your language. I don't want my topic closed because people don't think before they hit <Submit>

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June 2nd, 2004   #2
I wonder what people in holand were duing during the transmision

June 2nd, 2004   #3
LOL. I bet that was a high rating day for the news

June 2nd, 2004   #4
Most of the time you have to write "Richard" Cheney on posts, because his first name will be blocked out otherwise.

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June 2nd, 2004   #5
haha, yup. My uncle's name is Richard or in other words.... I personally don't like to say it, but others seem fine with it.
June 2nd, 2004   #6
In the US the broadcasting company would most likely bleep out the word before, people saw it.

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June 3rd, 2004   #7
I have an Uncle Dick too.

A little off, I always use the word that means what I'm trying to say if it has a legitimate meaning. For instance, if I spefically want to refer to a female dog I will say *****, and if I am talking about being sent to Hell I will say damned. And if I am referring to a wild male donkey, I will say jackass. Used in the proper context these words are not vulgar anymore, at least in my mind. It drives my teachers nuts

Back on topic, I'm sure the FCC would have something to say. They kicked Howard Stern off the air because he used f***. Most stations would probably bleep it our or something. Legally, it could stand in court as to whether they could say it or not. I dunno.

Oh and btw there's that stinking language barrier again . I believe our slang translates different too. From what I gathered I don't think "kut" and f*** do not mean exactly the same thing, but I got the gist of it.
June 3rd, 2004   #8
Well "fanny" over here means someone's fourth point of contact, but I hear that in England it has about the same meaning as "kut."

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June 3rd, 2004   #9
Do they sell fanny packs in England? And if they do what do they call them?
June 3rd, 2004   #10
yea, in england a fag is a cigarrette, but in the us it means a homosexual.
Good words meaning bad things

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