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March 15th, 2010   #1

French Foreign Legion and tattoos info

This question is for those knowledgable with the Legion.

I have several tattoos and I've heard that hand tattoos will automatically disqualify and also heard that they won't.

Is there a definitive answer?

I can't get a moral waiver in the states for any services for my tattoos.

Also, would these be regarded as negatives for when I make the trip to Paris:

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Should of listened to your mother.
March 15th, 2010   #3
Heh, that's what she said. So I got a dove for her put on my wrist...
March 15th, 2010   #4
Heh, that's what she said. So I got a dove for her put on my wrist...
March 15th, 2010   #5
Just ink in all the non inked areas and no one will be any the wiser.

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My usual disclaimer. I never served, so take this as opinion not advice. I do have family in the French Military, so if you have any questions about the FFL I can ask them.

As to your questions. I checked the FFL website

Its in French, in case you don't speak French there was nothing specifically on the site that forbade such tattoos, in fact there was no mentioning of tattoos at all. Your best bet is to send an email and ask, it might spare you the plane ticket to France for nothing if there is such a policy and they forgot to mention it beforehand.

On a side note, I would really think hard if the FFL is a good choice. Many Legionaires served in other armies (including US) and from what they have said is that life is quite tougher than that of other militaries.

Second of all, Americans are not widely liked in the world and this is no different in the FFL. Americans are often targeted by bullies, and there are some mean-spirited people in the FFL. I imagine the uber American patriotic tattoos will not go over too well with these people.

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March 15th, 2010   #7
Yes, I would appreciate it; popular consensus is "if they want you they don't care; or they'll be suspicious".

Actually the more I read about the legion the more intrigued I am.

I am no rookie to the hard route.

For the legion I would not be concerned with filling the shield in.

Either way, I know a little French left-over from high school and I've acquired some French lessons and stepped up my usual "workout" with a new regimen.
April 9th, 2010   #8
As long as there are no tats on the hands, neck, or face, or any racial or gang affiliated tats, the Legion has no problems. However one can have a tat on the face or neck if it is a religious symbol, such as someone from Somoa or any other culture of that sort.

As far as the physical aspect, It's not much harder than the US Military if your an Infantryman. Just a more strict discipline, and harsher working environment. Your current training should suffice, however I would add in things like....

Sleep Deprivation, Skipping meals, and giving up almost everything you enjoy doing. Just to get yourself used to the life. Also start sleeping in very uncomfortable places, preferably outside, and with a crappy old sleeping bag, but only in foul weather. This should get you prepared for things to come.

Also go buy a pair of really short shorts and wear them during the summer..... while still trying to look extremely hardcore.

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