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February 1st, 2004   #11
That's the answer I was looking for D Plus One. Good job!

3.What is the meaning of the comanche phrase posah-tai-vo, the term Indian code-talkers inthe Army Signal Corps used on the battlefield during World War II to refer to Adolf Hitler?
February 1st, 2004   #12
Crazy White Man

Very appropriate if you ask me

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February 1st, 2004   #13
Haha, Right on target..
February 1st, 2004   #14
Good job Guy on the Right. Are these too easy? You guys don't seem to have too much trouble.

4.In 1996, which country's army became the last in the world to disband its carrier pigeon service?
February 2nd, 2004   #15
The Swiss army. They had 30,000 pigeons ready to serve.
February 2nd, 2004   #16
i think these might be too easy.

5. In WW2 American Army slang what was a GI Moe?
February 2nd, 2004   #17
An Army donkey?
February 2nd, 2004   #18
6. In what war was the color khaki first used for uniforms?
February 2nd, 2004   #19
By who? (Americans, Brits, Icelanders? Or do you mean the first ever by any country?)

No boom, no boom, no boom, Amen.
February 2nd, 2004   #20
I'll say any country because I don't exactly know who was involved in this war.