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January 1st, 2005  

crazy, but apparently true (tsunami) info

Briton Surfs Tsunami, Survives

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Dec 31, 10:41 AM (ET)

HIKKADUWA, Sri Lanka (Reuters) - British surfer Martin Markwell had always dreamed of catching that perfect wave -- but when it finally came along, it was a nightmare.

Markwell was paddling on his surfboard Sunday off the popular Hikkaduwa beach resort on Sri Lanka's palm-fringed southern coast when he was swept up by a tsunami wave and sent crashing over a white sand beach and into a hotel restaurant.

"It was really terrible because I was surfing, I was really surfing on a wave I wasn't supposed to be on," he told Reuters.

"As an experienced surfer, when I saw the wave come I realized something was wrong, but I couldn't escape because my surfboard was tied to my ankle."

His wife Vicki and son Jake looked on in horror from a hotel balcony as he crashed toward the shore. Miraculously, he stayed atop his board until he reached the hotel, jumped off and waded to safety as the ocean rolled back to feed a much larger tsunami wave on its way.

The family regrouped and ran inland into jungle to safety just minutes before a giant tsunami wave 30 feet high crashed into Sri Lanka's coast, killing more than 28,500 people.
January 1st, 2005  
and to think that in december the pro surfers had thier special invitational event which only happens when the swell is higher than 10m!!!

guess it shows that the physical tsunami wave wasn't big it was just the mass of water pushing it
January 1st, 2005  
I saw a short interview with that guy on the news yesterday...

I guess the chase for the perfect wave will never be the same again for him now....
January 1st, 2005  
i don't think he'll ever have to buy a drink in a bar ever again. what a story