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April 22nd, 2006   #1

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When i finish basic training im going to buy some new combat boots, but i am not to familier with many boot types. I would like to get them before basic but i was told i will catch hell if i dont have my issued kit. So i have to wait. But if you guys could give me some tips and websites with good comfortable and reliable boots that would be great .
April 23rd, 2006   #2
So your starting basic? I'm not sure how if its the same in canada but, I always asumed you were issued boots.

April 23rd, 2006   #3
You might want to find out exactly what sort of non-issue boots you're allowed to buy. I don't know if the issue boots in Canada are any different from the ones the US military issues, but the combat boots I've worn have been pretty comfortable with the addition of an insole.
April 23rd, 2006   #4
In Canada, you are REQUIRED to use the equipment that is issued to you. If is the same as in times past, any non-essential kit is taken from you and returned to you when you finish. If you want to be sure that you have something like insoles or other stuff, (like a watch) send it to yourself just before you leave for basic, so that you receive it just after you arrive. (Even the Armed Forces are not allowed to interfere with Canada Post!)

Good Luck! You may end up needing it....
April 23rd, 2006   #5
We are issued 2 pairs of regular combat boots that look like this, but when they are brand new like the ones i got they are rely stiff and the insoles are very thin and uncomfortable. My WO told me that you can purchase new boots after basic, but not before because they prefere to see the issued kit not personal kit. My WO also has boots that he bought that look really comfortable, but hes a real hardass and is hard to talk to (many reasons why but thats not the topic). I was told 3 weeks after I got my kit that the boots should be fairly tight to the foot, but mine are a little loose. Would doubling up on the socks help tighten and stop the blisters from happening? And it would be great if someone could give me some good name brand boots, that would be great .Its like they always tell us, "Good feet make good soldiers"
April 24th, 2006   #6
Combat, may i make a suggestion? try this website. Its Englands last hand made boot maker, and shed loads of squaddies buy thier products from go-faster training boots to combat boots for all environments. Trust me mate i'm in iraq and i've got the best handmade to measure desert wellies i've ever had and they feel like slippers! Kushtie! The site is
May 2nd, 2006   #7
Alternatively, you can go and buy Magnum boots. Heard they are quite good.

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June 24th, 2009   #8
An unprofessional recommendation, BATES 2464 M-9 Desert Boot is a good choice.

June 24th, 2009   #9
Originally Posted by abel_wang
An unprofessional recommendation, BATES 2464 M-9 Desert Boot is a good choice.

They'll fall apart on you in about 4 months

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June 24th, 2009   #10
A Can of Man
What do you recommend 03?
Me, I've just been using my standard issue ones and they hold up pretty good even though it's been 2 years since I left the RoK Marines. I might get a pair of boots at some point but I'm not too sure what a good brand would be.