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Topic about: New gameplay video, looks PRETTY good.. make sure to run it in 720p and fullscreen.. YouTube - BATTLEFIELD 3: FAULT LINE SERIES EPISODE I: BAD PART OF TOWN YouTube - BATT

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April 18th, 2011  
12 min long gameplay video.

April 18th, 2011  
I really appreciate but do not know why they are trying so hard to impress fans with single player.

For when it comes to Battlefield, it's the multiplayer scene that Battlefield shines at and always had.

But I hope this undoes the evil of homefront....

For me I love the attention to detail, homefront lags far behind in it's copy and paste gameplay, unrealistic distribution of equiptment and green styrofoam like mulitplayer maps.

Battlepoints and 32 players can not right this.
April 19th, 2011  
They are going after CoD. They are trying to knock it off as the king of FPS, both as a single player and miltiplayer game. Dice has thrown the gauntlet down and made no desire to hide what they are trying to do.
April 19th, 2011  
May they put COD down to rest quietly....

Just please, I wish there was a age limiting smart software to prevent 6 year old kids from yelling profanities that I haven't even heard of into my ear....
July 11th, 2011  

July 11th, 2011  
I saw some of the siezure like single player demos of the upcoming COD MW3

More of the same,..... constant explosions, running through sky scrapers that are aflame firing at Russians for some reason as Mi 24s crash constantly into the floor you are standing on, only to be interrupted every thirty seconds by an near death cut scene.

All while after recieving over 40 rounds into your torso, only to be miraculously healed by the player waiting every 20 seconds as he whipes red strawberry jelly off of his face......

Only to be followed by the same recylced qoutes that in such a game degrades the military commanders or philosphers who made them....

All this to be broadcast out to the masses of overwieght biologically inferior populations of screaming 11 year olds that is sadly called the next generation.... Overly Pampered by overly sypmathetic parents who find it comforting somehow to rip the head set from their whining vulgarity spewing spawn of devolution and threaten to not bring them their pizza pockets if they do not cease their "language"

And for the last foresaken time........

No....there is no GUN! In my "class" And my GUN does not fire BULLETS!

And if I had it my way, my WEAPON's MAGIZINEwould be hungry for AMMUNITION in an all out effort to rid the world of your incompetence...

Sorry I am ranting....

Course I say this more or less of out frustration, more so however out of fear of the future of human civilization...
Maybe I was born 60 years to late...
July 13th, 2011  
Thanks for the vids, the game is looking great. Think I am going to buy some SLI 570s for it. :P

Got to love online gaming. You can just hear little Billy screaming over his headset. "Maaaaaaa.....THE MEATLOAF!"

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