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March 2nd, 2011   #11
New gameplay video, looks PRETTY good..
make sure to run it in 720p and fullscreen..

March 2nd, 2011   #12
Please bring the prone back, I could have used that in the brush levels of BFBC2 Vietnam.

I choose prone over any new feature.

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March 2nd, 2011   #13
Originally Posted by Yossarian
Please bring the prone back, I could have used that in the brush levels of BFBC2 Vietnam.

I choose prone over any new feature.

Your wish shall be granted. Right down at the bottom of the article.

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March 16th, 2011   #14
Another new gameplay video from the Battlefield 3 singler player campaign.
The Frostbite 2 engine looks pretty sweet..

March 16th, 2011   #15
Battlefield 3 must undo the evil Homefront did...

Kudos to Redleg for sharing, and to DICE for the great work!
March 30th, 2011   #16
New trailer, looks pretty good now..
I've also read that they plan to release a 12min gameplay video on April 17.

March 30th, 2011   #17
Nice, maybe it can pull me away from Crysis 2........maybe..

Infantry leads......
March 31st, 2011   #18
Be nice if they threw semi auto in there as well.....and made it fun, it seems you only get one of the other in video games....
March 31st, 2011   #19
A Can of Man
The graphics are just nuts.
April 8th, 2011   #20
I was reading that they are trying to support up to 80 (40v40) players. One of the designers said they actually had 256 players in a game but decided it wasn't any fun. (too bad).

My only complaint so far is that DICE seems really focused on the SP part of the game in order to beat Call of Duty next game (Modern Warfare 3). Personally wouldn't care if there was no single player at all, its not the strength of the series, I wish they would focus everything on just the MP. If you want SP go play Crysis 2.

Game is targeted for a November Release, but I suspect there ill be a demo released in the late summer around Q3.

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