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July 17th, 2007   #1

Ballad Of The Power Point Ranger info

(sung to the tune of "The Green Beret")

Requests are made from day to day;
Briefings held and changes made.
Graphic slides, a must they say,
Power Point is the only way.

Computers crash and printers stall,
Overloading protocol.
Network's down and soldiers cry
Briefing's late, so heads will fly.

Pin Power Point slides upon my chest,
Full color slides, they look the best
100 slides were made that day
but only 10 made the final display.

Smiles upon the General's face
Slides were done, looked really great
Was up all night really working late,
Just to hear the General say ....

My soldier son, your slides were great,
Briefing's done, staff's up to date,
One problem son, you took too long,
So put in one more change, then go on home.

So tell my Mom I done my best,
Pin Power Point slides upon my chest
100 slides were made that day,
but only 10 made the final display.

You can't scratch and salute at the same time! That's communist! - LTC Ivens
Son, you got a panty on yo' head. - Raising Arizona
July 17th, 2007   #2
Team Infidel
that's not bad at all...

July 17th, 2007   #3
I *just* bought PowerPoint Ranger tabs to give to my colleagues as my going away gift...

Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying, "Whom shall I send? And who will go for us?" And I said, "Here am I. Send me!" -- Isaiah 6:8
July 18th, 2007   #4
haha, nice one AJ!
July 24th, 2007   #5
Rob Henderson
So, do you think this is Basic Training appropriate?
July 25th, 2007   #6


I am like Radio Shack. You have questions? I have answers!

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