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December 4th, 2010   #1

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Iíve recently tried to join the Australian Army as an aircraft technician,
I passed all the pre-requisites (and would have passed the fitness test), but was found medically unsuitable due to my being too short sighted, and I was only just under the minimum standard.

My question is whether or not my application for a waiver would be successful or if I would have more luck trying to join the Navy or Airforce?

thanks in advance
December 6th, 2010   #2
Push your waiver through the Army and if that doesn't work then try the other branches. If you really want to serve then press every possible option you have. You have to stay on top of this because your recruiter probably won't.

Infantry leads......
December 6th, 2010   #3
Recruiting in the aviation stream is pretty tight at the moment. And due to some of the absolute cretins recruiting offices have let slip in its getting tighter! A helll of a lot are getting turfed out on various waiver discharges.
They are even winding down re musters as well.
I'd keep trying, don't give up. You nevr know......
December 6th, 2010   #4
thanks for the replys,

i knew that recruiting was being slowed down due to budget restraints but i didnt know it was that bad.

anyway im just going to continue my efforts and see where they get me
December 7th, 2010   #5
Chops, navy aviation is short of aviation recruits for some reason. As per a chat today with one of their recruiters.
But it would mean working on Choppers at Nowra or on a ship?
December 7th, 2010   #6
thanks for that info,

i have no problem going into the navy, i just liked the wider range of choppers to work on in the army

i'll have to have a chat with someone in recruiting but i still have to deal with the issue of my eyesight

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