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September 12th, 2009  
Mighty Mouse
A. Darker Blue

Q. If you have an open mind, will your brains fall out?
September 19th, 2009  
A: Absolutely.

Q: How many bugs do you eat in one bowl of cereal?
September 19th, 2009  
A: Depends on the species and the cereal...

Q: Which bug species puts eggs in cereals?

September 19th, 2009  
A: the honey bees

Q: what is weirder than a weird weirdo?
September 20th, 2009  
A: A mentally stable weird weirdo

Q: What does a non-prophet organization promote?
September 22nd, 2009  
A: To pray for nothing

Q: If a person has 'a heart of gold', would that make them weigh more?
September 23rd, 2009  
A: Only when he wears it on a necklace.

Q: Why does Superman wear his underwear on the outside?

September 23rd, 2009  
A) To keep from leaving "skid marks" on 'em.

Q) why is it called "Star Wars", when not a single star was fighting?
September 23rd, 2009  
A: Because they were "movie" stars...

Q: Why are deaf people not excluded from court hearings?
September 24th, 2009  
A: Because most deaf people are psychic, and just KNOW what's really happening.

Q: How long can a new kid on the block stay on the block before falling off?

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