9/12 after the attack OSAMA family leave U.S.

About 9/12 after the attack OSAMA family leave U.S.

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April 13th, 2004   #1

9/12 after the attack OSAMA family leave U.S. info

The relatives of the disgusting leader, osama binladen, were sent back to Saudi Arabia after the 9/11 attack. All members left. On 9/12 there were supposed to be no flights happening on that day. No one is taking responsibility for confirming that flight. Not even our own president. These people had to have information. The FBI had spoken with them once the stopped in newark. Asked them a couple of questions and let them go. Most information found out about the family is classified and the president resents the fact of declassifing it. I ask why? Why let these people go? Valuable information is now gone and men and women have died because of it. This brings grate discrace. I am appauled and ashamed of our president.
April 13th, 2004   #2
Do you a source for any of this?
April 13th, 2004   #3
No MERCY, we have been over this before, if you're going to make claims like this, you need to at the very least provide a source (something I have yet to see you do, ever.

No boom, no boom, no boom, Amen.
April 15th, 2004   #4

okay info

They showed it this Monday on the discovery times channel. They would have released it in the news paper, the president does not want to declassify them.
April 15th, 2004   #5
I am very serious about this, No MERCY, start providing sources (as in links to web news articles, SPECIFIC newspaper articles or television programs, or the like), or state that the things you come up with are what you THINK happened instead of presenting them as fact without evidence. Thank you.
April 16th, 2004   #6
I dont put alot of stock in things like that, i think your just a rather gullible person who likes to make abig stir without any basis
April 16th, 2004   #7
Keep it civil, about face, do not post personal attacks.
April 16th, 2004   #8
sorry sir, sorry NO MERCY.
April 18th, 2004   #9

okay info

April 18th, 2004   #10
That website is inactive, it's just a page of ads.