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January 21st, 2005  
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if you did not take the test than you cannot wear the ribbons. ALL cadets I have seen follow the rules
So you never took the Feik test, well, I think thats good because THERE IS NO SUCH THING as the Feik test. The Feik test is the Wright Bros. Achievement test, which you HAD to have taken. The wright brothers award is another thing. But you want to be a C/2d Lt sometime? You need to have your award on the National Database or you're going to have to take the test. I know the regs, I know the rules, I know whats going to happen if you don't do this. Quit yer griping get the exam done and backdate the dang form 52-1 and put a Feik ribbon on.
Believe me, I ran into the same deal (except I took the WBA exam... just didn't know to post it.).

So, before I quit being nice, and acting like I know what I'm talking about, just do it. Oh yeah, and we can always start a thread on CS for you to direct your Commander too.

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