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January 14th, 2005  

Anyone think of this one? info

Well i guess it really boils down to your definition of " feirce" personally i think you would also have to put sometime of time limit when you say " the most fierce battle" If you have a open ended time limit, then ya the huge drawn out siege of stalingrad would probably win. If you are looking at single BATTLE, that is a 1-3 day confrontation by two opposing armies. I would definitiely go with a older war. Melee combat, in my mind, will always be much more up close, much more personal, and much much more fierce then the combat of modern times. ( Thats not to belittle the harsh conditions of modern combat)

I think, with a reasonable time contraint, the fierciest battle would be the battle of Cannae. Im sure your all familiar with it, its where Hannible implemented this massive double envelopment, surrounded 70 thousand or so terrified Romans, and proceeded to slaughter them for a whole day. I think when men are backed into a corner, they fight hardest and fierciest. Plus the up close and personal nature of ancient warfare would have made it definitely a contender for the fiereciest fight.
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