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January 9th, 2005  
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Like you guys mentioned earlier, Stalingrad.

How about Ancient Historical battles? We often spoken of battles occured in the Modern Era.
My nominees would be:

- battle of Gaugamela (331 BC, Alex the Great vs. Dareios the Persian emperor)
- Varus campaign (9 AD, 3 roman legions under Varus vs. Arminius and his germanic tribes)
- battle of Azincourt (1415, 6000 Britons, mostly longbow archers vs. a french army of 26000, mostly knights and noblemen)

More recent, the Napoleonic Wars:
- battle of the nations at Leipzig (1813, France and several smaller allies (Poland,...) vs Prussia, Sweden, Austria and Russia)
- battle of Borodino (1812, la grande armée vs. a Russian army led by general Kutusow)

These are some that come to mind, though my knowledge of ancient history is deficient at best so there may be many others.

Gaugamela, Leipzig and Borodino stand out judging from the mere number of casualties. OTOH, three legions plus auxiliaries was an impressive army at the time of the Varus campaign and there were only few roman survivors.
Azincourt isnt a bad guess either, many casualties in a short span of time, slaughtering of prisoners by the British, etc.
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