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January 7th, 2005  

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Black Hawk Down
sweetie if no one told you, its a film

The fight was real......................the film was a lil stretched lol

That wasn't the fiest battle though, just a standard practise for that sorta country
thanks for that anya, i wanted to post, but you put it a lot better than i would have!!!!!

what about the british 1st Airborn Div @ Arnhem during operation market garder. while the casualties weren't high compared to some fights,
taken from wikipedia

High Command had estimated that the 1st Airborne could only hold the position north of the river for four days, at its highest readiness. However, with horribly depleted forces (including a battalion stranded in a hostile town), it held the position for nine days. With less than 1/4 of the division returning from Arnhem, it saw no more action for the rest of the war.
now thats impressive!!!

If I am asked what we are fighting for, I can reply in two sentences. In the first place, to fulfil a solemn international obligation . . . an obligation of honor which no self-respecting man could possibly have repudiated. I say, secondly, we are fighting to vindicate the principle that small nationalities are not to be crushed in defiance of international good faith at the arbitrary will of a strong and overmastering Power.
Author: Rt. Hon. Herbert Henry Asquith
Source: Statement, to House of Commons, Declaration of War with Germany, Aug. 4, 1914
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