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December 14th, 2004  

FireFighter strike....UK info

Ok in 2002 British firefighters claimed they weren't getting enough money yet thier start of pay is like 21k start off pay. Now like me alot of people esp. armed forces in UK didn't agree with what went on, thought it was plain arrogance and greed which is was!

While firefighters sat at home or on a picket line for more money we (navy/raf/army) had to do our normal jobs then be a fire fighter. We have rubbish "greengoddess" trucks that only went 30mph max and i think they were from like 1700's lol or bloody felt like it lol.

I had a laugh doing the strike with people that i had never met before and have made good friendships. But watching innocent people burn to death, babies..........children and not being able to do anything baout this, i blame the firefighter's for these unnessecary deaths! Teams were split into two...........firefighters (who weren't allowed to rescue people or go into a building) and search and rescue teams (stating the obv. lol). Anyway these two teams would never be tgether at once.............firefighters would turn up 1st then search and rescue but due to the speed of the "greengoddess's" sometimes it was too late. Yet most of us that did this were only on 15k at the time. So it was ok for us to do two important jobs and not have our down time yet its ok for some greedy firefighters working 6months a year? thats not fair!

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