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March 8th, 2012  

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I always wanted to be a Marine but because I am a European (Czech citizen living in the UK). I've assumed that it is not possible.
Month ago I have found on the YouTube a video about Polish Marine (not US citizen) getting naturalized so I've start "digging" on Google how it does work.

To enlist I suppose to have a "Green Card".I'm 26 already (in September I'll be 27) and the age limit for USMC is 28. I cannot get the Green Card in the "time limit" it may take years.

I do not need a Visa to enter USA as a tourist. Iím sure that I can get a temporary work permit and a job in McDonaldís or so. However the Green Card processing time is up 2 years.

Also I have found that the rules are letís say ďelasticĒ and the recruiters can ďbendĒ it a little. Iíve found it on various Forumís, blogs and even here so itís truth.

Ö.so the question is: How to do it?

Some details about me:

Iíve done various Open University modules:
s151 - Maths for Science
s175 -Inside Nuclear Energy
s283 Planetary Science and Searching for Life
mst121 - Understanding Mathematics
...half trough Astrophysics degree
I do distance course on M.I.T. - Circuits and Electronics 6.002x

Also I have some Microsoft, Cisco and Novell certs.
Cambridge ESOL Level 2 and Iím working on the CAE cert in English
I can speak Czech, Slovakian, English and I work on Japanese and Arabic

I have no problem with ASVAB. Iím running every day, so the physical should be fine.

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