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February 23rd, 2012  
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I also believed that the German defeat was because they fought on to many fronts. But when I follow der alte's logic this fighting on many fronts may be a direct result of the invincibility feel of the Germans.

In my opinion the Battle of Britain was also a turning point in the war in so far that it changed the way it was fought. After a German crew bombed a civilian target by mistake Churchill immediately ordered a revenge attack which in turn make Hitler decide to bomb London instead of the RAF airfields, and the "massacre" bombing raids got started on both sides. The RAF was the clear winner of this descision because now their planes were only destroyed in the air, a place where they were superiour to the Germans.

in the 90's I went to visit the "I was 20 in 45" exhibition in Brussels. It showed some stuff the resistance and intelligence people used. Quite remarkable things for that time.
For the people of Britain the air battle over ther heads was a decisive battle; in fact, it was the decisive battle for them, and the continued existence of ther island empire was the stake. For Germany´s standpoint, the BOB was an attempt to cripple an enemy by air power alone, and to such an extent that he would no longer be in a position to offer serious military resistance. In the end, as seen from the German angle, the battle also turned out to be a decisive one - the invasion and subjugation of Britain was made to depend on victory in that battle, and its outcome therefore materially influenced both the further course and the fate of the war as a whole.
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