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February 21st, 2012  
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Been there a few years ago. It is interesting place indeed.

My aunt was in the Political Warfare Executive during the war. She was involved in black radio broadcasts. She never told what she did during her service. As she said, it was secret and she could never reveal anything. That promise she kept.
Where I live is where the BBC moved to during the war.
They set up a radio station to broadcast black propaganda to Germany at a place called Chicksands.
Today Chicksands is an Army Intelligence, Green Slime, base.
There is a book called:The Bedford Triangle: U.S. Undercover Operations from England in World War 2.
Its a very interseting book about the whole of the secret war, but also about how the Allies set up a radio station that seemed like a legitimate station to the Germans, but was a way of feeding them the Allied version of events.

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