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February 21st, 2012  
You know what?
I think there is far too great a tendency to blame Germany's defeat on Hitler, there is no doubt he was a poor strategist but there were multiple reasons for Germany's defeat.

For example people refer to the Lotzen decision as the one that cost Germany the war in the East yet I personally can not find fault in Hitlers decision to send Guderian South rather than on to Moscow as the capture of Moscow would have left Army Group Centre in a huge salient with AG-North back at Leningrad and AG-South outside Kiev, if any mistake was made here is was Guderians insistence that he take all his forces South when they were not needed so there is a possibility that both objectives could have been reached.

The demise of the 6th Army at Stalingrad is another area Hitler takes the rap for, yet had the 6th Army withdrawn from Stalingrad while it could a sizable portion of Army Group A and B would have been trapped in the Caucasus and that would have been a far greater loss than that of the 6th Army, as it was they only just got back in time even with the sacrifice.
Once again in my opinion while harsh Hitler's decision was the right one with respect to the over all situation.

Overall while I do not consider Hitler a great soldier but the decisions people seem to attack him over are possibly some of the few he actually got right and had the likes of Goering been more realistic in their abilities, Paulus not stopped for a 2 week rest outside Stalingrad allowing the city to be defended and von Richthofen not thought it was a great idea to bomb Stalingrad to rubble prior to the assault on the city thus turning it into a defenders paradise things may well have turned out differently for the 6th Army.

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