Reading post 618534 in main thread: Is an Iranian missile attack on Bagram AFB possible?
February 10th, 2012  
What is your interest in an active AFB defence?
Are you set to deploy there?
If so you will get a chance to see first hand what is there and what is not.

I doubt YOU Sir are being payed by the Iranian goverment to find out if such an attack is a viable option.
Proffessionals are usually alot more subtle then you in making such inqueries unless they are dumbarses.
Sad thing is, most of the dumbarses in this conflict are allready dead.

HOWEVER, even enemies of the coalition owns and knows how to operate computers, disregarding how crazy that may sound to you, they may even be able to go online and log in to a totally OPEN forum for the world to see.

Think, then post.....think, then post....think...

KJ sends.

"We are the pilgrims, Master
We shall go always a little further,
it may be beyond the last blue mountain barred with snow,
Across that angry or glimmering sea..."
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