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January 16th, 2012  
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The Nimrod was a bit of a pigs ear right from the start, she never did what she was supposed to do.

As for the new fighters for the Royal Navy, I wonder if the Euro fighter would stack up? From what I hear RAF crews quite like it.

Intense redesign of the airframe and the wing structure as well as major structual reinforcing of the landing gear would have to be done.

Essentially what you would get is a slightly heavier EuroFighter but I have no idea how well the aerodynamically unstable design ( kept stable while aloft almost entirelly by computers) would handle under slow speed landing and take off conditions out at sea.

But I guess is the French Rafale Can do it I suppose it can be done with the Eurofighter.

Of course after all the modification and the money spent...It would probally exceed the cost of the JSF program in the first place.

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