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January 9th, 2012  
Originally Posted by George
Witch brings up the question....Why send them to the U.K. instead of Sweden for training?
The SADF send all their trainee pilots to the UK, a chopper pilot I know was sent to the RN Air Station at Yeovilton training on the Lynx.

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I should guess the reason for sending them to the UK is the collaboration between SAAB and the British Aerospace. I am a bit confused, the JAS is not their first fighter, even if the Cheetah (looks a bit as a Mirage, Kfir) is perhaps quite old now, but why did they fail? They must have experienced pilots
The people they sent were not qualified pilots, they were of the Affirmative Action trainee variety.

The vast majority of the older/experienced pilots took their early retirement because of the unfairness of promotion prospects. To be blunt, if you are white, you wont get anywhere, while unqualified people are promoted above you. That's not being racists, that's fact.

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