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January 7th, 2012  
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Is the JAS more complicated to fly than similar fighters? They (SAAB, the Gov of S) were quite upset when Norway decided to purchase the F-35 instead
I don't think the problem was the plane ....

SAAF boasts 23 fighter aircrew

To solo on the Gripen should typically take new pilots five years, 2 Squadron's operations officer, Lt Col Musa “Midnite” Mbhokota told journalists in October. This includes basic military training (three months), officers forming course (a further three months), the Military Academy (one year) and basic pilot training (one year). The latter includes 180 hours on the Pilatus PC7 MkII. Next follows some 390 hours on the Hawk at 85 CFS before posting to 2 Squadron where conversion to the Gripen takes place, starting with six weeks in the classroom followed by 70 hours on the Squadron Level Mission Trainer (a flight simulator) and a further 70 hours on the aircraft. Both periods include 30 hours of conversion training, 20 hours of air warfare training and 20 hours of surface warfare training. It then takes a further six sorties to solo.
SA proves girls can fly fighter jets
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