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January 6th, 2012  
Hi Lolwhassup,
Le plus c'a change, le plus c'est la méme chose.

During the 1929 depression Americans desperate for work flocked to the USSR (far less desirable at that time than China today), Mexico, etc,
By the way, it surprises me that the American administration refuses to call the present situation a depression, since by definition a recession that lasts so many years is a depression.

Read scientific and medical journals and you´ll se how many top articles are being published by Chinese scientists, check out the patents they are issuing and tell me if they have no ingenuity. Check out the quality and price of their latest machining centers. Check out the number of Chinese scientists, doctors, teachers, etc, in the US, many of which are in America for the money.
Hell they invented a whole new system in which they coordinate purchases making prices much lower to manufacturesrs than in any other country. They also centralized tool and die production, so factories pay the lowest prices for these items and get financing or even financial aid to get them, etc,

Hi Alte,
How carefully and conservatively did they evaluate their Tibet and Viet Nam invasions? How surprised would you be if Taiwan were forced to join China this year or even if it were attacked by China this year?

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