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Then who created the strategy of the Blitzkrieg in your opinion? I agree that not one person created the theory, but several people in several nations helped formulate the strategy. However, Liddell Hart, Heinz Guderian, De Gaulle, J. F. C. Fuller, Mikhail Tukhachevsky, and several others all had a part in developing the theory.
To claim that they didn't would be ignoring historical quotes, facts, events, in fact, ignore history itself
You are forgetting :Hitler,without the support of Hitler,the "colonel Blimps" of the German army would have blocked the realization of the Blitzkrieg theory .
Better would be asking :what created the possibility to have the Blitzkrieg,not who ,because the Blitzkrieg theory was not something new ,it existed since a lot of centuries,but,at the end of the 19th century,a Blitzkrieg had become impossible,because the new technology was favourizing the defense ,if a break-through was realized,the attacking cavalry was to vulnerable to exploit the opportunity,one had to wait to the possibility to mechanize and armouring the cavalry,and,that only was possible after wwI.
In a lot of countries,a lot of people were working in the direction of a renewed blitzkrieg,but the exemples given,were a poor choice .Liddell Hart was generally disliked by the army.The only possibility for the British Army to practise the Blitzkrieg,was on the European Continent.Well,LH opposed a continental commitment of the British Army,despite his claims of prophetic understanding of the nature of future hostilities.
Source :And we shall shock them (by David Fraser,pp 17-18)
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