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December 4th, 2011  
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The example I always use is England. They ALL hate the L-85/SA-80 rifle, but because some British guy invented it, and since he still isn't dead, out of respect they keep the gun. I have no idea how someone makes that call, when possibly it is costing soldiers' lives out in the field, it's just stupid. That's the difference between Russia and the West.
A family friend worked on the SA80, he was part of the design team at Enfield Lock, before it was closed down by Thatcher. They had all manner of the problems with the gas system, he redesigned the system until it finally worked. One day he walked into his boss's officer, threw the SA 80 on his desck and said "This piece of crap will never work properly." His boss shrugged and basically said, "Its out of our hands, its now political, we have got to get it working." From what I heard, the SAS refused to use it and chose the M16 and M4 instead, and that during the first Gulf War British troops had so many problems with it they had to ship out the old SLR L1A1, which at least worked reliably.

Personally I don't like the layout, it can't be used left handed, so firing from around cover off the left shoulder is impossible. Personally I think it is a bad design, maybe troops today like the rifle, I've never spoken to anyone who has actually used it in a hot situation. Maybe 42RM can enlighten us.

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