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December 4th, 2011  
I'm in love with the T-90, she is like a girl who takes your v-card. It is a beautiful tank that combines the bare bones of what you need on a battlefield with the modern technology of today, wrapped up in an awesome looking machine. I would get serious in this thread if it weren't already for the lengthy post I put up about the features of a T-90, and also about some future plans for the tank, in my post in the M-84AS/M-95 thread. And unlike most, I am biased towards Russian arms. To me they always fascinated me because they make the most rugged and battle ready equipment out of any nation. There are ZERO politics involved in producing and fielding Russian equipment. The only thing they care about is if it will make the soldier better. That's just my opinion though. The example I always use is England. They ALL hate the L-85/SA-80 rifle, but because some British guy invented it, and since he still isn't dead, out of respect they keep the gun. I have no idea how someone makes that call, when possibly it is costing soldiers' lives out in the field, it's just stupid. That's the difference between Russia and the West.
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