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October 13th, 2011  
Originally Posted by rattler
Following up my above post, let me see your LR or Hummer do any of this, Unimog rules!:

Civilian 406:
The Hill of Death - YouTube

Army 1300:
Unimog washed out bridge - YouTube

Army 1400:
unimog washout part II - YouTube

2100 civilian:
Unimog 2100 débardage grume chêne champêtre - YouTube

Stock 404 cabrio:
Unimog 404 Extreme 4x4 - YouTube


I want one of those so when im stuck in traffic I can put it in low gear and roll right through a red light.

Man those things look fun.

Have any been deployed to Afghanistan? They seem like they would do well in such an enviroment.

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