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October 8th, 2011  
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Wales V Ireland was a cracker of a match eh?! Ireland spent a full 15 minutes inside their 22 and the bloody irish couldn't get a try against the youngsters. I agree DelBoy, match of the tournament so far.

England looked flat in their's and France out hit the Lions. There were some blazing hard tackles in that one. Does France still crack open a bottle of red before their big games to 'get the juices flowing'? Looked to me as if they did this time out.
Really I think the match of the tournament was Tonga v France as far as the Ireland v Wales match went I don't agree that it was a good game, Ireland were conned into playing a style they are not good at yet at almost every occasion they managed to run through the Welsh centres and had they made the effort to go wide more often rather than this continuous running back into traffic plan (a sign of a forward orientated team) they would have done a lot better.

England v France well now the English know what happens when you let France get on the front foot, to quote a favourite English saying it seems England choked.

As for today's matches if Australia beat South Africa then I can honestly say I don't care who wins the World cup because all of the boring teams are gone and the RWC will go to a team that embraces the spirit of the game in other words entertaining rugby.

That being said a France v New Zealand final would be a bit of a flash back but I am still backing Australia to win this thing.

Now for some fun statistics...

France v Wales
Games played: 88
Games won by France:42
Games won by Wales:43
Games drawn:3
Points for France: 1275
Points for Wales: 1277

Pick a winner...

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