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October 7th, 2011  
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I particularly liked the nasty play the Italians put in at the end of the match with Ireland... talk about losing the plot.

My bio-father was from stock around Tiger Bay in Wales (Watrus) so I'd like to see the Welsh in the final with the All-Blacks. Wouldn't it be nice if the perpetual favourites finally stop choking after twenty odd years?? :P
I would like to point out that for the All Blacks to choke they would actually have to be considered the best team there and to be honest there is only one occasion where that was the case 1995 in South Africa and had the team not come down with food poisoning on the day of the final they would have won it (hard to play rugby when half the team are throwing up under the posts and they still only lost by 3 points) outside that the RWC has been an outstanding triumph for Southern Hemisphere teams.

As for Wales well they have a real shot at it they are playing some good rugby, England are still as boring as ever and Ireland aren't really a whole lot better, France have been incredibly disappointing because on form they are an awesome team to watch but I am still betting that the cup will stay in the Southern Hemisphere and probably go to Australia due to New Zealand having way to many walking wounded at this stage.

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