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September 26th, 2011  
I think this tournament can be won by one of 4 teams, Australia, France, New Zealand or South Africa and any one of them can win it, for South Africa and Australia these are not really "away" games they play in New Zealand as often as the All Blacks do so they know the grounds, they know he environment and they both beat the All Blacks at regular times.

France are always the unknown for us as shown by the last series against them where they came here and won only to go home and be hammered by the All Blacks I would love to see a repeat of the 1987 final All Blacks v France and I wouldn't care who won (even though I would be supporting New Zealand of course).

There are always the possibilities which are England, Ireland and Wales but an England win on New Zealand soil would just be depressing as no one wants to see the kicking game become dominant, Ireland would get a lot of support and Wales probably not so much as most Kiwi's are sick to death of the cheap shots the likes of Warren Gatland keep taking every year where he pumps up the team in the media complains about the opposition and then they go down in a screaming heap, my belief at this point is that any of these 3 teams winning is a long shot as they simply do not play the game with enough pace to match the previous 4 teams.

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