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September 15th, 2011  
Funnily enough, I feel that there is a bloody good chance that he is a lot closer to the truth than we would like to admit, although it need not be necessarily achieved by force.

The Chinese are well on their way already, they are fast becoming the world's financial powerhouse, and while we have taken our eye off the ball by concentrating on the Islamic terrorism, they have made great inroads in many developing countries. Some, like the Congo are unbelievably rich in vital "war minerals", chromium, cobalt and other rare earths, they are also serious contenders for favor in a number of oil producing states.

The reaction in this thread reminds me of the way people wrote off the Japanese threat prior to their arrival in WWII. When they made such stupid remarks as, Asians will never be great troops because their eyes preclude them from being able to shoot accurately, they are too short, and suffer from poor nutrition,... and all manner of other rubbish.

It's attitudes like those being displayed here, thinking that our position is unassailable, that could well be our downfall.

"I am totally responsible for what I write,... however I cannot be held responsible for your complete inability to understand"

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