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May 31st, 2011  

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I am a sophmore, going to be a junior, and my boyfriend recently broke up with me.
The problem is, I am a NS 2 platoon commander in my NJROTC unit.
HE (ex-boyfriend) is Master Chief, and once a month he will audit every class, next year.
I can deal with my kids on my own. I can take charge. I am a leader, thats why I got the position. But what the am I going to do about him? He broke my heart, and I HATE him now, but we are 'friends'. I don't know how I am going to deal with him, and how I should deal with him. I want to avoid him as much as I can.
Oh, we were together for 16 months on May 25th, and His brother died April 13th. So, in a way, he is fragile.
How should I cope and deal with a guy who is a complete , liar, and a person who has commitment problems?
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