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May 17th, 2011  

Again, a little late to this thread but thought I'd share a personal experience with the French Foreign Legion.

I went to Verdun, France with a signal company when the Berlin Wall and Iron Curtain was erected. Not long after we got there, France got themselves whipped by a ragtag army in rebels in Algeria and began to pull the Legion back to France - they had nowhere else to put them, outside of disbanding them.

We were all shocked when the entire US Military forces in Verdun were put on high alert, we were all issued arms and ammo, and extra security was put on all the entrances to the barracks. All civilian employees were also brought on base and put up in temporary quarters.

For the next week, the Gendarmes in Verdun hid out in the barracks and stations while Legionaires rampaged through the streets. Any female outside was attacked and violated. They broke into and looted a number of shops and stores. They took over most of the hotels and turned them into pig sties.

It was only when their own officers began executing them and called in other French Army forces that it stopped. The legionaires were locked up in the barracks and, for the remainder of my time in Verdun, only officers - in pairs - were allowed out.

The French government did their best to cover up the whole thing - threatening the USA when a couple of Stars & Stripes reporters tried to release photos of the carnage.

I was told - from a third-person source - that they were highly pissed because they felt deserted by the French government in Indo-China and North Africa.

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