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January 13th, 2011  

Dont know where to post this... info

(MODs, please move to where it belongs)

... I have tried, seriously:

- No posts in "News, Rules," etc. ("you dont have the right to post here")
- No posts in "The dark side" ("you dont have the right to post here")
..., and that in all places that seemed sensible to post a complaint.

Now, then, here (as I feel terrorized):

I am really, and severely, annoyed about the new layout, I have now for the fifth time consecutively (warned by previous actions!!! but still!!!), inadvertedly, unitentionally and accidentally sent "Mark forums read" message to the software instead of "New Posts", which was what I wanted to send, following "Quick Links".

This happens because the page jumps after loading (erratically, sometimes it takes 1, sometimes 5, sometimes it takes 15 seconds, it might jump up or down, no systematically understandable pattern detected) and where you click is just a random effect close to where you wanted to click, but you cannto be sure where you clicked (in my case, it always hits "Mark forums read" instead of "New Posts" just because the two are close together).

Questions to the forum gods (I am really getting fed up, I cannot undo my mistakes, that are not mine but the forum softwares: I cannot read new posts when I want!!! I guess the same thing for more users using "Quick Links"!!!):

1. Why was the simple button "Newest (last?) posts" deleted?
2. Why not provide a simple button "New Posts" now that the SNAFU hits the fan?
3. Why not have a "complaints/suggestions" thread so we know where to post such questions?
4. ... I am not going any further right now...

Browser: FF. OS: Unix (Mac).


15M(ay): Noooobody! ...expects the Spanish Revolution!:
Update SEP 2011: Now reached US, called "Occupy Wall Street" and they claim they invented it. Thanks for learning from Spain!

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